Private Sailing and Boat Trips to Bolonia, Zahara de Los Atunes, Barbate for the Tuna Migrations and Morocco

Tarifa Beach House have joined forces with a small but fabulous company that have over 15 years of experience working in the Bay of Gibraltar and within the Protected Natural Park of the Straits of Gibraltar. This area  has special geographical conditions and a mild climate almost all year round, so it is, without doubt, one of the best European nature tourism destinations.
Trips involve so much more than just the pleasure of sailing.


Bolonia has an impressive fine, golden, sandy beach with an active dune that is more than 30 metres high and 200 metres wide.  This is one of the most unspoilt and least developed parts of the Cadiz coast.
Its shallow and crystal-clear waters enable clients to go diving in sea beds that are bursting with life.
On the shore, a few metres from where the boat moors is Baelo Claudia, archaeological site, a National Historic Monument. This Roman city was founded in the late 2nd century B.C. and was developed and consolidated thanks to trade with North Africa, with the tuna salting industry and the sauces that come from it (garum). It was plundered by Germanic and Moorish invaders until finally an earthquake destroyed it. However, it is surprisingly well preserved and excavations have revealed the most comprehensive remains of a Roman town in the whole of the Iberian Peninsula, with extremely interesting monuments such as the basilica, theatre, market, and the temple of Isis.
It is a unique and unforgettable experience to anchor here,and disembark using the auxiliary boat to visit the dune and the ruins.
This type of trip is highly recommended for families with small children, who will undoubtedly enjoy the experience in a peaceful setting.

From 550 €  VAT included
Price for half a day (4 hours) on the Blackfin 33 boat. Includes boat charter, fuel, crew member and insurance
Optional: Catering and/or auxiliary boat.


Zahara de los Atunes

Los Alemanes and El Cañuelo:
Situated in El Estrecho Nature Reserve, next to one of the most exclusive and spectacular housing developments in Andalusia, these beaches are not very busy in summer, and remain a haven of peace and tranquillity the rest of the year.
The rough and luxuriant Sierra de la Plata mountain range and the Camarinal Lighthouse protect these idyllic beaches with turquoise waters and golden sand from the prevailing winds, so it is easy to anchor and spend a relaxing day on board in a luxurious environment.

550 € VAT included.
Price for half a day (4 hours) on the Blackfin 33 boat. Includes boat charter, fuel, crew member and insurance.
Optional: Catering and/or auxiliary boat.


Barbate coast and the Cape of Trafalgar

Not to be missed one of the most spectacular shows of nature takes place in the waters of southern Cadiz from the start of Spring to the end of Summer. Giant Atlantic bluefin tunas spend the winter feeding in the cold North Atlantic waters and in March they embark upon a spectacular migration journey covering more than 2,500 miles towards the warm Mediterranean waters to reproduce.They travel in groups of hundreds and thousands, and come close to the Cadiz coasts, making the most of the strong ocean currents in the Straits of Gibraltar, until they reach their destination.
This fact was known by the Phoenicians, Greeks and Arabs, but it was the Romans who established the largest tuna industry at the time in this area at Baelo Claudia.
Nowadays, century-old fishing techniques are still used, such as the Almadraba.
Furthermore when spring comes, with the full moon, groups of killer whales come to the area, very close to the coast, to hunt and feed on these giants of the sea as they enter the Mediterranean through the Straits of Gibraltar.
At the start of summer, on their way back towards the Atlantic, hungry because of their reproductive efforts, tunas have to face once again their only two and most feared predators: man and killer whale. The setting changes, as do the fishing/hunting techniques, and they interact in a surprising way…
It is a real show.
On this special trip one can learn more about the Almadraba fishing techniques on the Trafalgar coast, and if lucky, there is the possibility to watch first hand this age-old fight between tunas, men and killer whales.

From €400 VAT included
Price for half a day (4 hours) on the Blackfin 33 boat. Includes boat charter, fuel, crew member and insurance.
Optional: Catering and/or auxiliary boat.


Strait of Gibraltar

Admired and feared since time immemorial, the Straits acts as a natural barrier between Spain and Morocco, between the continents of Europe and Africa, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and finally, between the Western and Eastern cultures. It is the only place in the world with such a wealth of contrasts in such a small space…
Thanks to its underwater mountain ranges, strong currents and many other environmental factors it is one of the areas with the richest biodiversity on Earth.
Up to seven species of cetaceans, marine and migratory birds, as well as endless events and spectacular images can be observed in the Straits of Gibraltar, declared an Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2006.

From 775 € VAT included.
Price for half day on the Blackfin 33 boat. Includes boat charter, fuel, crew member and insurance.
Optional: Photo-video / Catering.