Rock Climbing and Mountain Biking in Tarifa

Tarifa is a mecca for all other outdoor and adventure activities. We work with a local company that specialises in these activities.
The Mountain range of  San Bartolo in Betis offers over 250 routes in different climbing levels from 3 to 8a. Enjoy this still empty climbing area with stunning views over the Atlantic Ocean.


Rock Climbing
The walls of the rock climbing area San Bartolo in Tarifa are wind protected and offers, due to the mild climate, great rock climbing fun by the sea around the whole year. The rock consists of compact sand- and limestone and has a good and unpolished quality. The majority of the climbing routes are up to 25 meters, also there are some multi- pitchroutes up to 80 meters.
Also special packs can be organised; including yoga-rock climbing and full moon climbing.

3 hours rock climbing group course, minimum 2 and maximum 4 persons, for a price of 49€ per person (includes all material and guide).
If there are 5 people another guide will be included in the price.
Semi-private course for 2 persons:


4 hour course would be 85€ per person
3 hour course will be 75€ per person
Two Day Course, perfect for a weekend stay in Tarifa:
2 days of 4 hours rock climbing is  115€ per person

Bouldering: Climbing without a rope and harness – a new discipline for rock climbers, hugely popular on the rocks in Bolonia. Enjoy the spectacular views of the sea and surrounding mountains while you train.

Mountain Biking
The  “Los Alcornocales”, Tarifa’s protected cork forest, provides endless trails for mountain biking.
Are you looking for short or long mountain bike routes?
You will find gentle trails on side roads or extreme tracks with steep up- and downhills.
The countryside in Tarifa offers a fantastic playground for all levels of biking. Under expert guidance, special routes, maps and excellent equipment, you will have the perfect experience. Whether you are a newcomer or experienced biker, we can certainly find the right trails for you!

Guided trips for 2 hours: 28€ per person incl. bike, helmet, water bottle
Guided trips for 4 hours: 38€ per person incl. bike, helmet, water bottle

Note: transport is not included, but can be arranged!