Wellbeing in Tarifa

Massage Treatment

Life has a habit of taking over and the holiday is the only point in the year to ‘down the tools’ and have a moment to ourselves. Massage facilitates a direct route to relaxation. It generates an integration of mind and body that instigates healing, relaxation and regeneration.
Amy trained as a masseur 15 years ago, the basis of her massage is about renewal, a blend of harmonious therapies go towards a positive, relaxing and caring treatment to help each client to leave feeling peaceful and refreshed.Whilst in Hong Kong for several years she observed how Eastern therapies were a part of daily life, and that the maintenance of your body and spirit were considered essential to well being. We all deserve some time to ourselves and the holiday is the perfect time to afford yourself a chance to regenerate.

With a days notice a home visit can be arranged, or you can book an appointment at Dar Cilla Guesthouse where there is a private salon from which Amy works.

Amy +34 676.661.892

1 hrs massage at a Tarifa Beach House 60€
1 hrs massage at The Salon 55€

In most situations Amy will need one days notice to arrange your massage, but it is always worth ringing just incase. If you need to cancel your treatment I ask that you do so ASAP. Please be on time if you come to The Salon as other therapists have follow-on appointments and I want you to have the complete hour,