Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddle and Surfing in Tarifa


Tarifa Beach Houses work with on the original Windsurf outfits located at one of the funkiest beach bars on Valdevaqueros Beach. They offer multi lingual instructors,  high quality equipment and courses for all levels.
For equipment hire, private and group classes.
Children can start aged 5 years old in the lake on the beach.

Valdevaqueros beach – what makes it special..
High wind stats and safe sailing conditions.
Fine sand beach, without rocks.
Stretches along a beautiful bay surrounded by a natural park.
The prevailing winds are Poniente (west) and Levante (east).
In summertime a thermal Poniente is common; Round force 5.
Levante is usually stronger: it blows from force 5 to 9.
Courses every day, starting at 11.00 AM,for successive hours.

+ Small groups (maximum 4 people) and by levels.
+ All the courses include the needed equipment.
+ Multilingual Instructors.

Five day Course: 345€ 5  days lessons (1 hour class per day)5  days equipment rental

Beginner Courses 1  person  90 minutes  58€
2-4  persons  2 hours   58€
3  classes                         155€
5  classes                         240€

Lessons for Children
1  child    70 minutes            44€
2-4  children 90 minutes   44€
3  classes                                 110€
5  classes                                 175€

Advanced Lesson
1  person  90 minutes    88€
2-4  persons  2 hours     65

Stand Up Paddle

Paddle surfing or also known as SUP (Stand Up Paddle) is a good choice of water sports for days without wind or with waves.
The sport consists of paddling while standing on a large surf board. Once You have learned to get the balance right, you will start enjoying the fun of moving in all directions and even think of surfing small waves.
For those who already know a bit how to paddle surf and want to enjoy the sport, we have several shore excursions in the area: rowing across the island of Tarifa, at Rio Jara, surfing down from Punta Paloma to Bolonia and visiting and learning about the spectacular beaches.
It is recommended for all, no specific physical preparation needed, just the desire to enjoy a good day in the water.


PRICE LIST  courses and excursions paddle surf (SUP):

2 hours 4 hours
Group (max.4 people) 45€ 90€
custom (solo) 90€ 180€

Teachers have qualifications from IOSUP (international organization stand up paddle). We will teach you and help you to discover this popular sport. Don’t miss it! With our course, you will learn the basics concepts:

  • Knowledge of the environment.
  • Handling and positioning on the table.
  • Balance exercises.
  • Technical paddling (lying, kneeling, standing).
  • Synchronization of movements.
  • Introduction to the positioning on the wave.
  • direccional changes.



Tarifa Beach Houses is affiliated with a Tarifa Surf School to bring you  2-hour lessons and 3-day courses. Our classes are semi-private with 2 to 3 people per instructor. Prices include everything you need for surfing. The only things you need to bring are a towel and a swimsuit.
In the 2 hours of lesson we combine theory and practice. We begin with a theoretical introduction to security, knowledge and awareness of the medium and technique. This is followed by a specified warm-up, which allows us to go into the water with optimal preparation. During the practical part, the instructor will spend time with each student individually. We finish the class with a period of free surf in order to put into practice what we have learned.

1-day lessons:

Private 2 hrs. 40 € – wetsuit, surfboard, instructor and pick-up service included
Semi Private (2 – 3 people)
2 hrs.
35 € (per person) – wetsuit, surfboard, instructor and pick-up service included

3-days courses (3 consecutive days, depending on the conditions)

Private 6 hrs.
(2 hrs. per day)
110 € – wetsuit, surfboard, instructor and pick-up service included
Semi Private (2 – 3 people)
6 hrs. (2 hrs. per day)
95 € (per person) – wetsuit, surfboard, instructor and pick-up service included
Surf spots in Tarifa and on the Costa de la Luz
– Club Mistral at The Hotel Hurricane
– El Balneario, in front of El Chiringuito and Bien Star
– El Bunker (opposite Hotel Punta Sur)
– Benavides (Paloma Baja)
– Caños de Meca
– Vejer de la Frontera, Costa (El Palmar)